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Sales Manager Effectiveness Survey

Many organisations focusing on driving revenue growth have invested in expanding and developing their sales force but not seen the desired returns.

There is a growing awareness of the importance of the Sales Manager role which has a multiplier impact on sales effectiveness.

With this in mind, IDA worked with leading multinational companies to identify what do successful Sales Managers do differently to average performers.

This survey was unique in three ways:

  • It involved over 160 Sales Managers from 114 multi-national companies
  • The survey was co-created with company sponsors to ensure it would be relevant
  • We used statistical correlations and regression models to identify what specific sales management practices have greatest impact on success

Leadership Transitions Survey

The modern career is a series of transitions. Managers typically change roles every three years – either joining a new organisation or an internal transfer / promotion. Typically, about 1 in 3 of these managers struggle to achieve acceptable performance levels within 3 – 6 months. This explains why books such as “The First 90 Days” have been a management best seller for the last decade.

The “IDA Leadership Transitions Survey” involved 160 managers who had recently completed a transition to a new role. Statistical analytical tools helped identify the impact of 70 different factors covering the individual’s personality, organisaitonal support, the nature of the transition and activities completed by the individual, their manager and HR.

The Survey identified:

  • What are the key activities which have an impact on leadership transition success / failure?
  • If we can only do a few things to support a transition, what are the most important?
  • Can we predict who is likely to have a difficulty transition?

IDA worked with organisations to create transition checklists, plans and best practices based upon this research.


Sink or Swim: Leadership Transition Best Practices


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IDA Leadership Transition Survey Report


Sales Management Effectiveness Research Plan


Sales Management Effectiveness Research Report


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