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Leading A Turnaround

Business challenge: The focus for this engineering services company was to equip General Managers and Project Managers with improved skills to help the business move onto a new growth curve

Our design approach: IDA facilitated several workshops involving the CEO, Finance Director, Executive Team, HR Sponsors and a group of potential participants. The AlignMap tool was used to design a modular development program with clear business outcomes.

The solution: Three modules to develop key turnaround skills (winning work, leading people, business acumen); a Program Director to provide common thread across the program; practical tools managers could apply; follow-up phone calls to assist in applying new skills and a strong commitment by the business to embed new skills. Over 80 GM’s, Project Managers and Principal Consultants in Australia, England, Canada and America completed this initiative.

The outcome: The initiative was an important element in a broad set of strategic initiatives which led to improved business performance (increased sales and profitability)

business turnaround

Commercial Acumen Simulation

Business challenge: The focus for this leading distribution company was to equip managers with a stronger understanding of how the business made money. Stronger commercial acumen across management team is required for making better business decisions.

Our design approach: This client was seeking a practical, hands-on way for managers to gain business skills. IDA met with senior managers from the Commercial Management and HR departments to determine business requirements and preferred learning style. This led to creating a customised board game which simulated how product and money moves through the business.

The solution: A customised simulation board game which shows how customer orders, product and money moves through the business. During this one-day workshop, participants move tokens across the board, and make business decisions, and see the impact of their decisions.

The outcome: Managers who previously had low business acumen, now understand the impact of business actions on company profitability and share price; and also understand their personal impact on these metrics.

Insights Tour

Business challenge: This fast food restaurant organisation was looking for new ways to develop a group of high potential managers being groomed for future leadership roles. The focus is how to expose this group to new experiences to expand their thinking.

Our design approach: IDA worked with the client HR Sponsors to create new development experiences which will both equip this group with new skills as well as provide them with experiences to stretch their strategic thinking and leadership capability.

The solution: IDA organised and facilitated an Insights Tour which took the participants to visit two different companies (Lion and Johnson & Johnson) to better understand what made these companies successful. The visit was preceded by a workshop to equip the group with skills in problem solving, innovation and strategic thinking. The group then presented recommendations to the Leadership Team.

The outcome: Participants quickly gained an understanding of other industries and organisations. The client’s Leadership Team had the benefit of gaining new ideas presented by future Leaders and gained from looking externally, as well as the opportunity to have direct line of sight of business talent.



IDA have provided assistance with facilitation, program development and coaching solutions all significantly contributing to our development framework at Metcash. They have effectively become a one stop shop for our development needs resulting in a strong and valuable partnership, delivering a differentiated learning experience for our people.

Angela Howard - Chief Human Resources Officer - Metcash

We have partnered with IDA on a number of successful initiatives. Success has largely been due to the collaborative approach IDA has undertaken with us. This has translated into IDA truly getting to understand our business so that the content and focus of these initiatives meets the required business outcomes. The Associates that we have partnered with, have all been highly skilled with a strong commercial focus giving them true credibility with our people. This is key in building our future capabilities and achieving our purpose – Successful Independents

Meredith Payne - Corporate HR and Organisational Development GM - Metcash

IDA helped us deliver a leadership program across five countries. It’s driven much needed alignment, collaboration as well as improved shared knowledge and skills in our general manager population.

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