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IDA has a suite of services to strengthen Sales Manager effectiveness leading to improved business results.

Sales Management Development Workshops

A suite of 1-day workshops providing practical tools and techniques, supported by follow up phone calls. Workshops are based upon IDA research and cover Sales Management leadership, developing your team, sales management rhythm, and holding others to account.

Sales Capability Audit

An assessment of Sales Management and Sales Force capability using interviews, focus groups, In Field Observations, on-line survey and the use of your company’s competency frameworks or IDA Sales Management Best Practices.

Benchmark against IDA Research

Companies involve their Sales Managers in completing the IDA “Sales Manager Effectiveness” on-line survey and receive a report comparing company results against the Benchmark of “Great Sales Managers”

Sales Management Excellence Simulation

A unique workshop using “A Day in the Life of a Sale Manager” approach where participants make decisions on behalf of a Virtual Sales Manager and receive feedback from key stakeholders (their team, manager, peers, customers). Participants learn, and then practise, Sales Management skills in a virtual environment and see the impact of their decisions.

Sales Management Coaching

Typically involves 3 – 6 sessions, an assessment tool to identify strengths and gaps, and individual focus to gain personal insights, leverage strengths and address weaknesses.

Assessment Tools

360 degree Feedback and Self-Assessment tools are a powerful way to provide Sales Managers and their Sellers with insights into their personal behaviiour preferences, motivation and potential pitfalls. IDA has deep expertise and experience using tools such as DiSC, Hogan, The Leadership Circle and CCL Benchmark.

Sales Management Summit

A 1-day Workshop involving 50 – 100 Sales Managers from different companies. Participants attend five different 1-hour sessions which deep dive into a specific sales management practice. Includes IDA and client subject matter experts, client panels, table discussion to learn from peers and informal networking.

On-Boarding New Starts

A set of tools, checklists and models to help Sales Professionals get up to speed quickly. Option of in-company workshops and group coaching as part of a customised induction process.

Our services have the following characteristics:

  • Practical “how to” approach:- Sales Managers are busy and need techniques which can be immediately applied.
  • Involve high quality facilitators:- Our team have delivered programs for leading global sales capability providers
  • Experiential, learn by doing :- Self insights are a powerful catalyst to behaviour change
  • Learn from peers (own company or other companies) :- Sales Managers want to know what peers do differently
  • Research-based development:- Our services focus on skill development areas identified as important in IDA’s “Sales Manager Effectiveness Research Study”

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