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This is the only business simulation worldwide designed specifically for Sales Managers. The simulation is delivered by Executive Perspectives, a global leader in business simulations

It is a unique opportunity to:

  • Develop new sales management skills
  • Practise them in a virtual environment, then
  • See the impact of your decisions

Simulation description:

The simulation is based around “A day in the life of the Sales Manager”. Groups act in the role of a Virtual Sales Manager managing a sales team in a competitive market. You will be faced with familiar challenges – pressure from your manager to improve revenue and margin, a star Seller who is reluctant to follow processes, constant distractions and the need to ensure your team are on track to achieve budget

You will need to make decisions about conducting territory plans, account reviews, 1:1 meetings, post call debriefs, sales team meetings, challenging your Sellers on pipeline and margin, and checking in with new starts.

You will manage your Email Inbox and calendar. You can click on avatars of your key stakeholders (your team, manager, peers) to gain information about them – you will also see their responses to your decisions.

As in real life, the simulation includes “surprises” such as poor sales performance, customer service issues or difficult staff situations which require participants to practise acquired skills


Workshop Overview

The workshop includes:

  • Skill Development sessions:- providing practical tools and techniques in areas such as how to motivate each Seller differently, situational leadership, conduct structured 1:1 meetings, effective In Field Coaching & Debrief, providing feedback and conducting Key Account Reviews.
  • Simulation Decision Rounds:- Participants work in groups to make a series of decisions for a Virtual Sales Managers. These decisions are entered into the computer simulation which also advises the group about the impact of these decisions / responses from key stakeholders.
  • Simulation Debrief:- an opportunity to review decisions and impact, and gain self-insights (a powerful catalyst to behaviour change)
  • Application back at work:- discussion about insights gained, and creation of Action Plan

Workshop Benefits

  • Participants learn new sales management skills
  • Participants get to practise new skills in a “safe” environment and see the impact of decisions
  • Skills are embedded through practical application in a “real life” scenario

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