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IDA brings a number of benefits to organisations seeking to build sales management capability:

Research based focus
We focus development on those areas identified as important in the “IDA Sales Manager Effectiveness Research Report”

We focus on Sales Managers
What is important to the Sales Manager will be important to the sales force. We therefore focus our energy on building effective Sales Managers who have a multiplier impact on their team.

A broad approach (not single discipline)
Organisations typically want their Sales Managers to have a broad range of skills. However, many providers only focus on one specific skills. IDA development solutions cover a broader areas of sales management.

Broad, deep expertise using our Associate Model
We provide the best fit delivery team drawing upon our broad pool of Associates with deep expertise and experience in sales management, leadership, strategic thinking, innovation and business acumen.

Connection Events
Learning from your peers from other organisations is a critical way to gain new insights. A key IDA unique strength is our ability to bring together high calibre managers from leading organisations. Partnering with IDA also means learning from other companies at our short networking sessions, 1-day Summits, Research Briefings, consortium programs and public workshops.



A focus on behaviour change
We only see our involvement as successful when your Sales Managers have embedded different skills and have changed the way they lead their teams.

A suite of practical 1-day Public “Sales Management Excellence” Workshops
We provide a suite of 1-day workshops to assist Sales Managers develop key skills as identified in the “Sales Manager Effectiveness Research Study”. These workshops cover leading and developing a sales team, sales management rhythm and rigour, and holding your team to account.

Customised solution to deliver business outcomes
We do not provide generic off the shelf offerings. Each client solution involves different workshops, assessments and coaching to deliver specific outcomes. We use a “before and after” Sales Manager assessment to measure changes.

Development as a journey, not an event
No-one becomes a better Sales Manager by simply attending a training program. We call them “workshops”, not programs, as they involve active participation. Sales Managers are more likely to become more effective if development is top of mind over a period of months. We do this by prompting active engagement through self assessments, provoking self insights, action learning, providing practical skills in workshops, embed these skills as behaviour through individual / group coaching, and active involvement of the Sales Manager’s manager.

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