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IDA works with your organisation to co-create a development initiative to deliver outcomes. These may include some of the following services:

Leadership Development Workshops

Equip managers with skills in areas such as leadership, emotional intelligence, influencing, negotation, conflict management and building high performing teams

Business Simulation Workshops

Simulations are a powerful way to develop and embed new skills, and gain insights into our impact on others. They can be tailored to support your business focus.

Communicate (Actors)

Learn from actors on skills to communicate with impact, establish presence and manage stress.

Insight Tours

Involves taking groups to visit other companies to gain new insights which are presented back internally

Business Acumen Workshops

Focus on skills such as commercial acumen, problem solving and strategic thinking

Action Learning Workshops

Participants build skills in creativity, problem solving and developing growth strategies; and apply these skills to business projects

Leadership Transition

Typically, a third of all managers are in a new role (internal or external appointment) each year. Our programs equip these managers to make an effective transition to a new role

Internal Peer Sessions

Structured sessions to break down silos, improve collaboration and share best practices

Consortium Programs

Who we learn with is just as important as who we learn from. IDA organises and delivers leadership development programs involving groups of participants from non-competing organisations.

Individual coaching

Highly effective way for individuals to gain personal insights, leverage strengths and address weaknesses

HR Professional Development

Involves developing key skills such as influencing upwards, talking the language of business and communicating an L&D story

Modular Development Programs

Extends over a 6 month period, develop multiple skill areas (strategy, leadership, commercial acumen) and involve a business project

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